Pension is different from hotels where they are very homely.
It is different from the typical Japanese tourist home, pension type is more western in style.
Each pension has their own characteristic.
Find a pension that suits your needs and taste.
First, find a pension that you are interested in to experience the pension life.
Utilizing pension just like the experience where you are back home.
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ベルキャビン・ゲストハウス BellsCabin guest house
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please Check our website
we have online booking system.








館内は無線LAN完備。free PC 1台。
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Candytuft is a family-owned accommodation, located approximately 1.9 km west of the Karuizawa station.

From Candytuft, the main tourist attractions, including Kyu-Karuizawa Ginza, Minami-Karuizawa (e.g., Ehon-no-mori Museum, Lake Shiozawa), Naka-Karuizawa (e.g., Karuizawa Church) etc., are all within easy reach on bicycle.

Pension Labrador
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Labrador pension is located in a quiet sunny place in the country with plateau vegetation.
The quiet atmosphere is also suitable for family.
All rooms come with restroom, television and amenities.
There are 2 Japanese-style rooms with a refrigerator and it is convenient for families with small children.
Around the area including Shiozawa Lake, Forest art museum, Picture book toy museum, Kazakoshi park (ice arena rink, curling/summer, indoor pool and tennis court)etc., are about 3 minutes by car.
It's also recommended for group reservation, seminars, sports training camp! (Please consult with your budget)
Breakfast comes with popular additive-free homemade jam with strawberries and cassis grown in the garden.
Mt. Asama's sketch point will also introduced.
Do come and enjoy.
Karuizawa Hotel PAIPU NO KEMURI information
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軽Karuizawa where the new life as the summer retreat could be given by Mr. Shaw and the friends was advancing its developed rate more by Usui new railroad I did the same year opening to traffic of. A foreigner missionary and the family were the most part, and an early stage in summer retreat Karuizawa was a town strong in the Christian trend inevitably.In the winter, winter sports can be enjoyed at the nearby ski resort.Guests can enjoy Japanese culture during the seasons from spring to autumn, which are rich with natural beauty, and have fun shopping in some of the countries largest shopping malls.
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Karuizawa is in the eastern part of Nagano Prefecture, just about an hour from Tokyo station by Hokuriku Shinkansen. It thrived as post station during the Edo Period and has been popular among foreigners since the Meiji Period. It is also known as a place where John Lennon loved very much. Today it is still a famous resort town with many hotels and summer retreats. There are many historical tourist attractions, including the old Mikasa Hotel, and is also a great place to view cherry blossom and fall leaves.

Opera-Karuizawa is a resort inn surrounded by abundant nature where you can enjoy fresh green trees in the summer and brightly colored leaves in the autumn. Please soak up the natural beauty of each season at our inn.
Music is the concept of Opera Karuizawa. The theme of the interior design is music or opera. Baths are available for private bathing. Consecutive stays are welcome. Please let us know if you wish to be picked up at Shinano Oiwake Station on the Shinano
Railway Line.

Please note:
* No children under the age of 12 is allowed.
* Reservations for meals must be made in advance. Meals cannot be ordered upon arrival.
* Payment is cash only. No credit cards accepted.

Aloha and welcome to Japan & karuizawa.
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Aloha and welcome to Japan & karuizawa.
We welcome our guests with great Hawaiian cuisine and relaxing atmosphere.
We have 6 cozy rooms.
We pride The New Hawaiian food that we served.
English speaking during your stay is fine,and you can also send e-mail in English.
★Rest room and Bathroom is available in your room.
★It takes about 4-5mins by car from karuizawa station.
Please contact us if you need pick up from the station when you reserved.
(We might ask you to take taxi when we are unable to pick you up)
★It takes about 2-3mins by car from Karuizawa Shoppoing mall
★We are sorry that Guest Under 10years old is prohibited.
★cancelling charges are as follows(per person)
14-2days before your stay 30%
1day before your stay 50%
On your day of arrival 100%
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Ken Suzuki is a director of origin team Kawasaki UK.
Mrs. Suzuki enjoys toy painting as hobby.
The name of the pension, Silverstone is the name after the British circuit course which was home to his team.
His Silverstone is a sacred place for motor cyclist.

His pension is in a quiet grove.
Western-style building with chic atmosphere suitable for adult holidays.
Do enjoy your holiday comfortably.

Italians are welcome in addition to English.
Home cooking dinner in Western-style.

For reservations, please call : +81-267-46-2832